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Tips on Picking Paint

When you're starting a painting project and you realize that you need to paint some trim, you can easily get the paint from home depot or any other home improvement store and do the job yourself.

If you need to paint trim before the base coat you'll have to buy two gallons of paint and pay for shipping. The paint will also end up on your floors and walls and you'll have to clean the floors and move everything. When the trim is finished you can then paint the base coat and the painting can go home for later. There are times where you might not want to do this. Maybe you're painting a room for someone and want to get it done quickly and avoid the mess. In those cases using a roller to paint the trim is a great option.

If you are using a roller to paint the trim in a room that has been painted once, then a two-inch trim and an extension should be enough for the first coat of paint. If the room was painted twice then you'll need one gallon and an optional fourth roller sleeve. Remember that you can always buy more sleeves if you feel you need to.

Tips on Picking Paint

When you're painting with a roller you have to pay attention to the paint as it goes down the tube. If you're using a cheap roller sleeve then you'll have to press the sleeve against the wall a couple times for each stroke. This wastes time and makes the paint go down faster! Instead of wasting time pressing the roller against the wall, it's much faster to simply dip the roller into paint and start painting as usual. Just make sure you don't have any paint in the roller sleeve. Just make sure your dipping the roller into proper amount of paint is enough for the entire wall. Don't be tempted to start painting a whole section of the wall until you're quite finished with the first coat of paint on the wall.

The paint goes down smoothly so you can go on with your normal life. If you need to use the bathroom or any other room in the house, then you'll need to stir the paint for an easy clean up. If the paint starts drying before being ready to be used, then you can simply use a screwdriver or a knife to press down on the roller arm until it's ready to use instead.

You should do what works best for the room or house that you're painting. If your painting the walls of a room, then you'll need to use a paint that's best for interior walls.

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